Integrality Change Management

The need for a more integral and systemic approach

Are you and your organisation struggling with your business? Growing less than you want? Or do you want to live your passion even more? And have difficulties getting into the flow, creating enough turnover? Do you want to achieve personal growth and become more entrepreneurial?

And are you realising that more of the same is no longer an option? Keen to explore new ways of working in a more interconnected way? Or perhaps even willing to make transformative steps letting loose old paradigms?

Integral approach

How do you become more creative, flexible, learning and sustainable? The answer is by doing the right things right. With an integral more human and natural approach, by which you expand your consciousness and awareness....
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Decentralised context steering

Working in a more integral way we distinguish 3 forces: content, people and context. Content is that what you want to realise. It’s always people who make this possible, within a certain context. The influence of context is often underestimated....
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IQ-EQ-SQ Iceberg

Our western society and as such most decision makers and organisations rely almost solely on the rational left brain side (IQ). Integrality uses the metaphor of the iceberg to illustrate that more than 90% is...
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Levels of Consiousness

In your strive for change it’s essential to be aware of the stage of development of an organisation, manager or employee and work from there. The Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model describes the evolutionary development of human...
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Knowledge by Identity

Integrality has been founded by Lars Lutje Schipholt. Lars is a transition enabler and connector. He has always been passionate about how to transform people, organisations & society, thereby contributing to our continuity. 


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