Integrality Change Management

Work experience

1993: Lars starting a career in mobility

My career started with a focus on content at the TU Delft university and after that I worked at the consultant firm Twijnstra Gudde, learning a lot about processes, culture, organisations. 

1999: establishing a successful consultant company, learning a lot about entrepreneurship

In 1999, I initiated, co-founded and led inno-V for over 10 years (read the 10 year anniversary book here). The consultant firm is still thriving and leading on themes related to smart mobility and public transport, in The Netherlands and abroad. 

2008: expanding horizons, from mobility management to new ways of working

Ten years later, my focus had moved from public transport to leading more general complex multi stakeholder processes. As secretary of The Taskforce MobilityManagement, led by Lodewijk de Waal (which is now known as Slim Werken Slim Reizen), I was able to bridge between the public and private sector, giving an impulse to flexible working (Het Nieuwe Werken, New Ways of Working) and mobilitymanagement. 
Following up this great project I initiated and co-founded Syndesmo (Greek for connectivity) in 2011. They support organisations implementing smart mobility and working.

Some articles from my inno-V period that reached the front page of two of the most respected newspaper in Holland: about the national Dutch Railways NS, and the controversial high speed line to Amsterdam (see link). And my graduation paper proposing to link the ‘Hoekse lijn’ to the metro in Rotterdam is finally going to be realised, more than 20 years after publication… And here you can read one of the interviews from the Taskforce period (in dutch language) and here a nice poster of the national HNW campaign from 2010.

2012: new 3.0 collaborations focusing on people, processes & structural change

Real transformation starts with yourself and that’s what I’m doing every day by letting loose and expanding my awareness. I’m more into contact with myself and therefore with others and the subconscious undercurrent. I’m passionate about co-creating social entities and how to transform people, organisations & society, thereby contributing to their continuity. In my work I facilitate start-up companies and organisations willing to let loose old paradigms and adapt to the quickly evolving new reality. 

A brief description of my more recent co-creations:

  • FANwoude ‘Speeltuin voor Support’ supports you in your personal growth and awareness.
  • Thrivability has the ambition to expand how you think of your organisation challenges and discover powerful new approaches.
  • HNW gilde coaches you and your organisation implementing New Ways of Working and achieving behavioural change that will stick
  • Panassembla facilitates organisational change and hands you insights to overcome obstacles hampering creativity and change
  • Vliegend Water hands you the insights and experiences that will help you to more effectively lead meetings and processes.

2017: coaching entrepreneurs, coaches and consiousness people

More and more I’m approached to guide others as coach, integrating business and personal development. This has led to the start of De Katalysator. I support entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers in finding their own source to thrive and making the right steps to become successful in an authentic way. Intuitively and with much presence I support people in whatever is needed to become more aligned with their aspirations. My strength is to empower them and look into deeper lying undermining obstacles which prevent them from making enduring steps.